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Alumni Spotlight - Grace Dennis

Grace Dennis earned a Technical Certificate in General Education in 2018 through Ivy Tech’s dual credit program. As a high school student, Grace was able to take college courses and learn valuable skills such as time management, teamwork, and dedication, while still enjoying a high school experience with her classmates.

Grace is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Dt. Mary’s College with a double concentration in Marketing, and in Management, as well as a minor in public relations and advertising. Grace attributes her smooth experience at St. Mary’s to participating in the dual credit programs at Ivy Tech. Grace believes that “the dual credit courses shaped who I am as a student today. To say they prepared me for my time post-graduation is an understatement.”

As to her experience at Ivy Tech, Grace comments “I had a great experience interacting with professors who were wiling to help me in my academics. The courses I took were more advanced than what I was used to, but with the help offered through Ivy Tech, I gained so much knowledge and am currently able to use what I learned toward my continuing education and success.”

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