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Culinary Department Valentine's Day Bakeoff!

Ivy Tech’s culinary department recently had a larger than life visitor, renown YouTube cook Frankie Meatball. Frankie and his crew came to Ivy Tech to work with students from the Elkhart Career Center, plus former and current Ivy Tech culinary students for a 2-day Valentine’s Day bake-off. 4 teams, consisting of 2 students from the Career Center and a culinary student team leader competed against each other creating Valentine’s Day themed desserts. Day 1 was cupcakes and at the end of the day, each team received feedback from the judges. Students were back the next day to take what they had learned from the judges to create a cake they hoped would win. In addition to baking a great tasting and romantic looking cake, each team received a surprise ingredient that had to be included. Students have to be creative to incorporate dragonfruit into a culinary masterpiece!




Pastry Pirates

Awkward Silence

But all teams did a fantastic job with their cupcakes and cakes. Ultimately, Team Awkward Silence were named the champions with their rich chocolate cake topped with strawberries. Great job everyone!

You can see Frankie Meatball’s series of videos from the bake-off on his channel here.

The final creations

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