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Welding Instructor Receives Recognition For Work With Indiana Department of Correction

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

This spring Ivy Tech partnered with the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) to offer a welding certification opportunity. Joseph Goldsmith, an Ivy Tech welding instructor, was presented with a special coin and a letter from the IDOC commissioner for his dedication and commitment to IDOC students. Charles Bowen - Indiana Department of Correction Warden, James Henry – South Bend Community Re-entry Center, and Janet Pontius – Assistant District Supervisor at Indiana State Parole joined Sherman Johnson – Executive Director Offender Employment Development at Indiana Department of Correction, in this special recognition. We are so proud to have one of our own recognized for his love for teaching and all the hard work that he puts in with our IDOC students.

This spring's partnership between Ivy Tech and the IDOC resulted in training and certifying eight students in welding. All eight not only passed and received certifications, but now all eight are employed in our community and making an impact! Students spent 40 hours per week in class for 2 weeks under the instruction of Joseph Goldsmith where they received in class and hands-on training.

Upon successful completion, they received an American Welding Society (AWS) certificate and a Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) certificate. Instructor Goldsmith was very proud of the hard work put in by these men throughout the course, saying "This is the best class I have ever had in my years of instructing; I would take these men to any job with me!”

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