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Dress for Success - Alicia Rogers

Tell us a bit about you and your journey to Ivy Tech.

My name is Alicia Rogers and I am a first year pre-nursing student at Ivy Tech. I am returning to classes after life happened. It took me a long time to realize that I needed this to complete this life that I have lived. I am a mother of two beautiful children and a wife of an amazing man who are all supportive and encouraging. I chose to further my education after many of my co-workers encouraged me to and I realized what I really wanted to do with my life.

I enrolled in Ivy Tech last summer for fall classes and have had an amazing journey. I am not a big fan of the completely online programs, because I get so much out of in person classes. I have one of those and I definitely do much better with all aspects of that class. I am however getting used to the way this online education is formulated and that has probably been my biggest struggle. The only other struggle that I have is that I work a full time job and am going to school full time as well. Finding the balance between the two is like juggling. I am getting the hang of it and have a great support system that helps me through it.

I am currently working at the hospital in the ICU and as with everywhere we are short staffed, so that requires overtime to make sure things keep running smoothly. I love the encouragement that I receive from my professors and advisors. I really do feel like I have this army behind me wanting my success just as much as I do. When I enrolled they had just rolled out the new IVY+ and that made my decision even more valid, and then to top it all off my work was able to provide me with a scholarship as well. I am beyond grateful for all of the incredible things that have happened to me in the decision of finally continuing my education.

I intend to take the TEAS test in January and hopefully get an invitation to the nursing program for the fall semester. Every single person that I have spoken to is so encouraging and seem so personable and it feels great to be surrounded by so many people that all want the same thing for me, success! So let me just say that this Dress for Success was just another blessing I feel that has solidified my decision to further my education. Thank you for all of the encouragement IVY Tech has given me through all of the faculty and I am eternally grateful.

Why were you interested in the Dress for Success program?

I do work in the hospital, and I wear scrubs when I am working, but I am also a chair holder in our unit practice council and that requires me to attend monthly meetings for two different councils. I am so confident now in my appearance for these meetings and I could not be more grateful. I was using attire that doesn’t really fit and trying to make it work.

I really didn’t think about how the way you dress affects so many aspects of your career. It affects not only how people see you, but also how you feel about you.

Alicia Rogers

Unit Assistant/ Soon to be RN

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