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Dress for Success - Nanette Simms

Nanette has been a student at Ivy Tech since August 2018. She is majoring in social work and aims to work with special needs kids. She started in Ivy Tech’s nursing program but after being awarded custody of her three granddaughters, she realized what she really wanted was to make a difference in their lives and the lives of other children like them. She also wanted to learn how to best work with her granddaughter with autism. That is when she talked to her advisor about changing to social work and together they developed a plan for her education.

While on this journey, Nanette became ill, and thought she had the flu. She was completely surprised to be diagnosed with lung and thyroid cancer. Receiving chemo treatment, taking care of her granddaughters and being in school was hard work. However, when she explained to her instructor what she was going through, her instructor was understanding. The instructor allowed her to attend class many times via Zoom while sick. Soon after that she was blessed to have a class with instructor Mary Morgan that, Nanette says, “changed my life. It was supportive and was a group setting and I was having therapy and didn't even realize it. I am thankful for Ivy Tech for the support and encouragement to make my life better."

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