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Ivy Tech Entrepreneurship Student Spotlight - Laquisha Jackson

Her specialty? Hot and tasty gourmet southern cuisine. Her passion? Feeding people. And through her business, non-profit, and consulting services, Laquisha Jackson feeds people in more ways than one.

“I love making people feel good and empowered,” Laquisha says. Laquisha is the founder and owner of Soulful Kitchen, which caters hearty, gourmet Southern cuisine dishes. Laquisha has been cooking since childhood and brings over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Through Laquisha’s participation in the RISE Entrepreneurship Program, which equips emerging entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to contribute to economic development and sustainable communities, Laquisha further developed her expertise in scaling, growing, and networking for her business.

Laquisha says, “RISE helped me understand and develop the intricacies of the infrastructure of my business.” Through the program, Laquisha also perfected her public speaking and problem solving skills, she explains. In particular, Laquisha noted specific assignments which required her to pitch new business ideas with only a few minutes of research.

“The top take away from [RISE] was to fall in love with the problem that I am solving, understanding that the solution will be the outcome,” Laquisha says. See more about Laquisha's business, Soulful Kitchen, here.

The Entrepreneurship Program at Ivy Tech offers students practical lessons in business start-up and management through our partnership with the Regional Innovation and Startup Education (RISE). With RISE, students will build ecosystems, create a business model canvas, work with a mentor, and learn from and network with guest speakers and entrepreneurs. Students will also have the opportunity to pitch to investors for funding for their business. To date, the entrepreneurship program has assisted in the launching of many business ventures across Indiana. Get more information here.

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